Thursday, January 29, 2009


Starting off the week I really was wasn’t in high spirits. Headaches, runny nose, and sneezing were all the symptoms that I was faced with. To make all matter worse I ended up having a quiz in my English class which I believe didn’t go very well. Sociology class was at its norm taking note and listening to Ms. Sewell jokes. Throughout the day I felt like most of my symptoms were fading away and that gave me energy that I truly needed. Entering my last class Arts & Music I was motivated to take really good note because we have are first midterm next week. Tuesday and Thursday I took time out since I don’t have classes to study. I also finish my quiz 4 Tuesday for my sociology class and received an 80%.Wednesday school was canceled due to bad weather conditions. I took the day to finished my draft in my English class that was due Thursday but I wanted to get it done early.

The week overall went by very nicely, I managed to finish the week strong even though I was faced with lots of bad elements. Friday I am planning to meet with all my professor just to make sure I’m still on task. What are some studying methods than I can use for my Art & Music exam? When completing work before its deadline it takes that little pressure off your shoulders.

Friday, January 23, 2009

FIRST DAY OF KNOWING....................

Summer 2008, very interesting and life moving. Beginning my day I got up early to work out at Life Time Fitness Center. Making my transition back to my house I felt excitement for the new day. While entering my home and going through my mail I came across an OSU academic letter. Opening the letter and reading academic emergency really made my emotions fade. Going through and reading what the letter had applied gave me a since devastation. In some sort I knew it was coming because of my failure to meet academic requirements.

Embarrassment, disapproval, and defeat were only the few things that I felt. Being put on probation really upon my eyes, it made me step up my game. Motivation, preparation, and dedication are three attributes that I feel will get me where I need to be academically.

My college career started out with a rough beginning. Being put on academic probation made me feel discomfort but in also gave me the motivation that I needed. For future student make sure that you come into college with a good academic game plan.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Going through my first two weeks of the quarter is going very well. The classes that I pick to take are English, Sociology, and Arts & Music. I am happy about the college professors that are present in my class they all seem like they want the best for me. My English teacher Mr. Boczkowski very funny and out-going and also my most commonly know professor. Regina Sewell, my sociology teacher nice lady but she will talk you to death. Last but not least my Art & Music class Professor Shawn Hennessey, very over the top but he knows his music. So far I have had homework in all my class, that’s crazy. Understanding my goals that I set forth will better me throughout this quarter. The changes that I made in my everyday life are slowing down on my partying habits, studying more often, and meeting more with my professors.

Friday, January 9, 2009

THE LAST CHANCE..............

Greeting my fellow bloggers, my name is Rico Jones and I attendant Ohio State University. School so far hasn’t been much of an honor. I am someone who have very high standard when it come to my grades. My two quarters at Ohio State was very poorly completed because of lack of determination, and motivation. Coming out of high school my GPA was a 3.6 so that let you know that I am someone who is capable of reaching my academic achievements. My lack of academic progress have resulted to me being put on academic probation. So this quarter I’m going to walk you through my time spent at Ohio State. What do I hope to learn from this experience? If using good tactics and good decision making will result and an excellent outcome. I also want to learn about other people’s outlook on my day to day competition with school. Lastly I want to learn something about myself and how I handle controversy.When receiving this assignment I really wanted to pick a topic that would keep me motivated throughout the quarter. My preparation for success will give me more to talk about in my blogs. There is still question out there that needs to be answered but soon they will.