Wednesday, March 18, 2009

------FINAL BLOG POST---------

Blogging as we all know has become a well known source of receiving news and information as well as a way for people to express their opinion on current events. Though it is an easy way of acknowledging the news because, let face it most of us especially the “younger crowd” no longer pays any attention to the television because we are so infatuated on the new technologies like cell phones, I-pod’s, lab’s, laptops, etc. which on all of those you can be connected to the world wide web, blogging is just away for all the “bloggers” in the world to be able to spread their views on an event. When giving news the viewer should never be able to get a sense of how the newscaster or in this case the bloggers opinion of the event that is taking place. Blogs are often times opinionated and bias and never really give you all the facts of the events which took place.

Take for instance one of the latest blogs that’s been hitting every young bloggers computer screen was the Rihanna and Chris Brown altercation. There has been so much controversy with the different blogs that were posted about them. One site would state one reason the altercation took place between the two pop stars, then you go to another site and there would be a completely different reason on what happened. The one thing that would be present on both sites was that bloggers take on the situation. There were so many different blogs, people were getting false information, and the only thing people were walking away with was bloggers own personal feelings. They were not truly able to form their own feeling on the situation because they were influenced by that of the bloggers.

In the blog “seeing bball from the other side” by Elena she shows and expresses her passion for coaching girl’s basketball. Elena walks the reader through a series of games, basketball plays, and also a dramatic incident that affected her awhile back, the death of her assistant coach Kuben. This blog grabbed my attention because I am someone that enjoys basketball as a whole but what feedback does she receive from someone that’s not really a big sports fan?

Blogs are to me just a source of entertainment. They are to humor us, not to actually educate the reader about the world and the things that take place within it. They are based on the main event in a situation and the blogger will place their perspective of what happened and how they feel about how everything took place. The main purpose of a blog is to be able to tell the world your take on the situation’s and the reader is drawn into the blog by the subject of the blog. They are drawn in because the media and word of mouth, and often are intrigued by the title of the blog itself.

No one should ever be influenced on factual events that are taking place because of the way it was presented to them. When being told news you should be able to form an opinion on your own and also be able to get all the correct facts and not just what the blogger finds relevant. Blogs are just a way for ordinary people to express themselves on worldly events to the public a way to let everyone know how they feel.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

My experience that I had with guess blogging was pretty interesting. I got the opportunity to share some major parts of my life that really impacted my future. When I found out that we were doing guest blogging I wasn’t sure about it because taking on the role to write another person’s blog was something that made me step out my comfort zone.

The blog that I was assigned to following was Elena’s. Being picked for this blog gave me a since of encouragement because similar to Elena we both like sports and we both attended the same high school at some point in time. In Elena’s blog she talks about her experience with coaching and her whole experience she haves with basketball. Being a true basketball fanatic a topic popped in my mind instantly, “I would about talk my freshman year basketball experience at Desales.” I really felt like I Lucked up by getting a chance to guess blog Elena because we just have too many similarities and that gave me an advantage.

So my overall look on guess blogging changed complete. Going through the process and learning how my guess blogger related to my blog and how she gave so many motivating comments really gave me some encouragement.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

I have been following Rico's blog about pressure on college students or himself in particular. I agree with him a lot about the pressure you go through. It is a lot different from highschool. Highschool seemed to fly by with little effort. In college you have to addapt to all the changes that needs to be made.

You have to prettty much want to be there, and want to do the best you can do. You have a lot of things that get added to your life. You start having to get your own ride (no busses), get your own apartment or place to stay, and even just the responsibilites of paying bills. You still want to have fun, but you have to know when is the best time to hang out and just go out.

College seems to make you more mature then what you was. All the responsibilites you abtain set you in the right path. So besides all the new responsibilites you also have a lot of other new things to go through.

It is a good way to start meeting new people. You can meet new people through classes or other things at school. You also might go out a little more to different places, and there is the job you might get. You might get more than one job.

The bottom thing is that college is a great thing to experience. Besides all the pressure you do learn great things, and hopefully come out with a new job. Alough there is still days I don't want to go to class, I still want to be there in general.

Friday, February 27, 2009


The week went by very well I’m very motivated that I will be seeing a true improvement this quarter. With my classes going like I wanted them to I knew something had to go wrong, my girl and I ended up falling out earlier in the week. I feel like my life is going up and down when I complete one obstacle I fail at the next. Keeping my attitude focus on school and maintaining my academic game plan is sometime more difficult when you faced with the out of school distractions.

Have you ever been with someone you love? You feel obligated to make sure that person is ok every moment and you tend to lose you direction in life. I don’t blame anyone but myself for the troubles I dealt with in the pass but I feel like in some sort a relationship makes it a little harder. When seeing that special person do you whole demeanor change? Mind did I love being around this girl everyday all day but that don’t go well when you have school that day.

There are times in your life when you feel thing can’t get any worst and they do. Staying positive is the best advise that I could give to anyone who is going through times like this.

Friday, February 20, 2009



In Haven’s Blog “On My Grown Man” he talks about him experiencing his first college party ever. Haven is talking about the transition that he’s making from high school into college. Haven is a true rookie on the college seen; I have been hanging out with the college crowd ever since I was in the 9th grade. The new experiences that he was introduced to, I have already handled.

Haven talks about how the environment was different than normal, I was partying with everyone Haven said: “blacks, whites, even people I did not know, and the thing that made it better was that there was no one to start drama everyone just wanted peaceful fun”. When you enter college you meet many different people with many different ethnic backgrounds. Beer Pong, a party favorite, I love it, Beer pong is a game using beer, cups, and ping bong balls.

Haven stated that he seen two of the sexiest girls that he could have ever seen in college making out, that really blew his mind. Girls making out true campus most wait until you get a chance to join in; three way kiss maybe four if you’re me (three girls and me).

Lastly, any and every thing can happen at a college party, trust me. I love campus parties because you get drunk and just have fun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Start......

Great, Great, Great start to the winter quarter, another half left. I feel real comfortable with the progress that I have been making throughout this quarter at Ohio State. From my understanding I have all A’s and B’s leading up to this point in all my classes. The reason I feel successful this time around is:

1. My attitude: I feel my attitude change a lot when dealing with school. When you’re down and not doing very well that tend to affect you attitude but when you’re achieving the goal you set out for yourself that makes you happy. Building a relationship with my professors also made this attribute better because after talking with them and learning how much they really want me to succeed, made me want to strive harder.

2. My dedication: I am so dedicated when it comes to reaching my academic standers. Making the unbelievable believable and also proving all the doubters wrong that feel like I can’t compete with the college life. Lastly, the dedication that I put forth is not only for me but it’s for all the people that stuck by my side through thick and then.

3. My effort: effort is conscious exertion of power: hard work, a job requiring time and effort. I feel if you put your best effort into something most of the time you will succeed

Friday, February 6, 2009


My college experience so far has been devastating and depressing. My lack of achievement in the class room resulted in me being put on academic probation. Academic probation is when your cumulative GPA is below a 2.0, the probation period is one quarter during which time the student must return to good standing. While moving through this process, the only person that I can blame is myself. I would like to walk you through a quarter in which I would love to forget.

Fall quarter at Ohio State demanded success but success requires? Lots of perseverance. Making the transition to Ohio State Newark I felt that the small classroom environment would help me academically. One problem that I faced from the beginning was the transportation issue, having to drive everyday to Newark from Columbus. Faced with the problem it affected my everyday attendance in one particular class; English. One day my English teacher called my name to stay after class, “Terrence I would like talk to you about your attendance”, what? I did come late to class two or three times but I still came. What’s the problem? You been coming to my class late the entire week, the anger I had at this moment was indescribable, I felt like he didn’t understand the bad elements that I was faced with. My reaction was, “I drive here every day from Columbus and I seen other student come late to class but I never heard you say anything to them. We argued back in forth for a second but then I told him that it wouldn’t happen again.

Other aspects that I was faced with were depression, stress/tension, and also lack of motivation. The death of my little cousin didn’t make these areas any better. The first couple week went by very well but over time my studies? Diminished to failure. Like every student in college I was always faced with the party or study option; partying was my most common known choice.

Winter break was very interesting and life moving. Beginning my day, I got up early to work out at Life Time Fitness Center. Making my transition back to my house I felt excitement for the new day. While entering my home and going through my mail, I came across an OSU academic letter. Opening the letter and reading “Academic Emergency” really made my emotions fade. Going through and reading what the letter had applied gave me a sincere devastation, I was stuck; I couldn’t move or think I was froze. In some sort I knew it was coming because of my failure to meet academic requirements. My mother reaction wasn’t something that I was looking forward to seeing, imagine Bobby Knight, and the terminator mixed together, that my mom. Why? That was the question I kept asking myself.

My college career started out with a rough beginning. Being put on academic probation made me feel discomfort but in also gave me the motivation that I needed. College is the real world some people have to find that out in bad situation, like I did. My advice for future students is to make sure that you come into college with a good academic game plan. The problems I faced throughout this quarter only effected me, it will never break me.