Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Blogging Experiment

I have been following Rico's blog about pressure on college students or himself in particular. I agree with him a lot about the pressure you go through. It is a lot different from highschool. Highschool seemed to fly by with little effort. In college you have to addapt to all the changes that needs to be made.

You have to prettty much want to be there, and want to do the best you can do. You have a lot of things that get added to your life. You start having to get your own ride (no busses), get your own apartment or place to stay, and even just the responsibilites of paying bills. You still want to have fun, but you have to know when is the best time to hang out and just go out.

College seems to make you more mature then what you was. All the responsibilites you abtain set you in the right path. So besides all the new responsibilites you also have a lot of other new things to go through.

It is a good way to start meeting new people. You can meet new people through classes or other things at school. You also might go out a little more to different places, and there is the job you might get. You might get more than one job.

The bottom thing is that college is a great thing to experience. Besides all the pressure you do learn great things, and hopefully come out with a new job. Alough there is still days I don't want to go to class, I still want to be there in general.


  1. I believe Shannon wrote this blog.

  2. okay i don't know who this is but in sum way this kinda sound like the person who started thid blog form the start.. overall this is great some one else can tell how they feel bout how much pressure bring when u go off to college

  3. Yes college is a lot different from high school but you also have a lot more freedom and also a lot more fun!!

  4. Well since you had to write Elena's blog it was easy for you, but for some others it was hard because we write in different tone's. Writing a blog for her must have been fun and all too familiar because YOU play basketball! Not fair at all! lol