Friday, March 13, 2009

My experience that I had with guess blogging was pretty interesting. I got the opportunity to share some major parts of my life that really impacted my future. When I found out that we were doing guest blogging I wasn’t sure about it because taking on the role to write another person’s blog was something that made me step out my comfort zone.

The blog that I was assigned to following was Elena’s. Being picked for this blog gave me a since of encouragement because similar to Elena we both like sports and we both attended the same high school at some point in time. In Elena’s blog she talks about her experience with coaching and her whole experience she haves with basketball. Being a true basketball fanatic a topic popped in my mind instantly, “I would about talk my freshman year basketball experience at Desales.” I really felt like I Lucked up by getting a chance to guess blog Elena because we just have too many similarities and that gave me an advantage.

So my overall look on guess blogging changed complete. Going through the process and learning how my guess blogger related to my blog and how she gave so many motivating comments really gave me some encouragement.

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  1. okay i can see that you and Elena have a lot in common because both of you play basketball at the school Desales. and it also show how you both came to realize the game pf basketball