Friday, February 20, 2009



In Haven’s Blog “On My Grown Man” he talks about him experiencing his first college party ever. Haven is talking about the transition that he’s making from high school into college. Haven is a true rookie on the college seen; I have been hanging out with the college crowd ever since I was in the 9th grade. The new experiences that he was introduced to, I have already handled.

Haven talks about how the environment was different than normal, I was partying with everyone Haven said: “blacks, whites, even people I did not know, and the thing that made it better was that there was no one to start drama everyone just wanted peaceful fun”. When you enter college you meet many different people with many different ethnic backgrounds. Beer Pong, a party favorite, I love it, Beer pong is a game using beer, cups, and ping bong balls.

Haven stated that he seen two of the sexiest girls that he could have ever seen in college making out, that really blew his mind. Girls making out true campus most wait until you get a chance to join in; three way kiss maybe four if you’re me (three girls and me).

Lastly, any and every thing can happen at a college party, trust me. I love campus parties because you get drunk and just have fun.

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