Friday, February 6, 2009


My college experience so far has been devastating and depressing. My lack of achievement in the class room resulted in me being put on academic probation. Academic probation is when your cumulative GPA is below a 2.0, the probation period is one quarter during which time the student must return to good standing. While moving through this process, the only person that I can blame is myself. I would like to walk you through a quarter in which I would love to forget.

Fall quarter at Ohio State demanded success but success requires? Lots of perseverance. Making the transition to Ohio State Newark I felt that the small classroom environment would help me academically. One problem that I faced from the beginning was the transportation issue, having to drive everyday to Newark from Columbus. Faced with the problem it affected my everyday attendance in one particular class; English. One day my English teacher called my name to stay after class, “Terrence I would like talk to you about your attendance”, what? I did come late to class two or three times but I still came. What’s the problem? You been coming to my class late the entire week, the anger I had at this moment was indescribable, I felt like he didn’t understand the bad elements that I was faced with. My reaction was, “I drive here every day from Columbus and I seen other student come late to class but I never heard you say anything to them. We argued back in forth for a second but then I told him that it wouldn’t happen again.

Other aspects that I was faced with were depression, stress/tension, and also lack of motivation. The death of my little cousin didn’t make these areas any better. The first couple week went by very well but over time my studies? Diminished to failure. Like every student in college I was always faced with the party or study option; partying was my most common known choice.

Winter break was very interesting and life moving. Beginning my day, I got up early to work out at Life Time Fitness Center. Making my transition back to my house I felt excitement for the new day. While entering my home and going through my mail, I came across an OSU academic letter. Opening the letter and reading “Academic Emergency” really made my emotions fade. Going through and reading what the letter had applied gave me a sincere devastation, I was stuck; I couldn’t move or think I was froze. In some sort I knew it was coming because of my failure to meet academic requirements. My mother reaction wasn’t something that I was looking forward to seeing, imagine Bobby Knight, and the terminator mixed together, that my mom. Why? That was the question I kept asking myself.

My college career started out with a rough beginning. Being put on academic probation made me feel discomfort but in also gave me the motivation that I needed. College is the real world some people have to find that out in bad situation, like I did. My advice for future students is to make sure that you come into college with a good academic game plan. The problems I faced throughout this quarter only effected me, it will never break me.


  1. Unfortunately, it takes bad news to get someone to realize the mistakes they've made. All I can say is learn from it. All these things that come tough to you in life can only make you stronger as an individual. The real world is cruel but with a positive attitude and a strong will to prove not only to ur peers but to yourself that you can make it through anything.Keep ur head up.

  2. Hey Terrence, I too is in the same position you are in with the academic probation. Also I had a tradgity happen to me too at the beginning of my freshmen year. College is really tough and sometimes this is not what they tell you while your in high school. Before I got in college, my cousin told me it was all fun and games, so I didnt have the motivation I needed either. But your cousin is in a better place right now, let him be your guide to continue school! You'll do good this quarter, just keep thinking positive!